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Welcome to our specialist Electric Conversion services, renowned for Electric Aga Conversion and Electric Rayburn Conversion. As approved retailers and installers for both the Electrickit and eControl systems, the leading manufacturers in the UK, we're committed to transforming your traditional Aga and Rayburn range cookers into modern, eco-friendly, and efficient appliances.

We are approved by the Manufacturers of Electrickit and Econtrol. 

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What is Electric Conversion?

Electric Conversion is an innovative process designed to update your Aga or Rayburn range cooker, enhancing its environmental friendliness and cost-efficiency. This upgrade marries traditional charm with modern functionality, turning your cooker into an environmentally friendly appliance that saves you money.

Key Benefits of Electric Aga and Rayburn Conversion

Opting for Electric Aga Conversion or Electric Rayburn Conversion offers numerous advantages:

  • Independent Control: Attain full control over all ovens and hot plates with our eControl System.
  • Quick Preheating: Speed up preheating times by up to 95% compared to traditional models.
  • Kitchen Comfort: Easily regulate kitchen temperatures, a hallmark of our Electrickit System.
  • Flexible Cooking: Our eControl System facilitates simultaneous cooking of diverse dishes.
  • Precise Temperatures: Take complete command of your cooking temperatures with our double oven model.

The two types of electric conversions: eControl and Electrickit

Our Electric Conversion Systems: eControl and Electrickit

  • The eControl System: An advanced solution enhancing Electric Aga Conversion with superior cooking performance, rapid heat-up times, and optional ambient heat on demand.
  • The Electrickit System: Ideal for Electric Rayburn Conversion, it bridges the gap between the popular heat-storage Aga Range Cooker and a standard oven.

An Aga cooker fitted with the eControl System solves all of the issues experienced with traditional models. Superior cooking performance, independent control of cooking areas, super fast heat up times, optional ambient heat on demand, significantly reduced running costs and the ability to grill on demand are only some of the benefits, read more. 

The ElectricKit bridges the gap between the popular heat-storage Aga Range Cooker and a standard oven.

Professional Electric Conversion by Expert Engineers

Our team excels in both Electric Aga Conversion and Electric Rayburn Conversion, ensuring your cooker maintains its integrity while gaining enhanced functionality and efficiency through our eControl and Electrickit Systems.

Our experienced engineers are able to convert most Aga appliances. For more information or to discuss your requirements, please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Electric Conversions

Why Convert to Electric?

Electric conversions offer reduced running costs and improved environmental impact.

What Models Can Be Converted?

Most 2, 3, and 4 oven Aga and Rayburn models are suitable for electric conversion.

How Does Conversion Affect Performance?

Performance is enhanced with precise temperature control and efficient heat management.

Cost Savings with Electric Conversion?

Electric conversions significantly reduce running costs.

Warranties on Electric Conversions?

We offer comprehensive warranties, including a 1-year labour warranty and a 5-year parts warranty.

Preparation for Electric Conversion?

Detailed pre-installation guidelines are provided.

Additional Costs for Conversion?

We provide a full quote for any additional costs based on your location.

Starting the Electric Conversion Process?

Contact us to discuss your specific Electric Aga or Rayburn Conversion needs.

Interested in upgrading to an Electric Aga or Rayburn cooker? Contact us today to start your journey towards a more efficient, eco-friendly kitchen. Our experienced engineers are ready to convert most Aga appliances and discuss your requirements.

Need an engineer?

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