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For all matters relating to data protection please contact;

Dalen Cooker Services Ltd,
St. Mary's House,
Salisbury SP2 8PU

or by using the email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
or, alternatively, call 01722 413 397.

We take data protection seriously and are fully cognisant of, and compliant with GDPR.

As part of any contractual engagement with our clients we will, necessarily, record certain contact information within our internal management systems. This information may include:

Contact Names
Billing and contact postal addresses
Email addresses
Phone numbers

This information is collected in order to engage contractually with current and prospective clients and to provide them with information on related services and products and to keep our clients informed as to the range of products and services on offer.

We will never sell, lease or otherwise pass your information to third parties without prior consent.

Should we process information on your behalf, other than for the purposes of client communication, email messaging and contractual fulfilment, this processing activity will be addressed by way of an addendum to this agreement.

Your data will be stored for the term of the agreement and for a further 7 years following termination of the agreement to meet our statutory financial regulatory requirements.

Any personal data collected as part of an agreement is subject all rights detailed under GDPR including the rights to request:

  • Erasure
  • Rectification
  • Cessation of processing
  • Exclusion from profiling / automated decision making
  • Access in a portable format
  • Objection
  • Restriction of processing
  • If you feel we have not fulfilled our obligations under the regulation, you are also entitled to raise a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office.


This website does not use any cookies other than that required solely for the transmission of electronic communication. We do not track or monitor behaviour, collect or review any information whatsoever.

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